Corevac is a recognized leader
in providing underground construction services using vacuum excavation, directional drilling, coring and keyhole technologies to utility and municipal industries in the midwest and throughout the
United States.

Corporate headquarters in Oostburg, Wisconsin with locations in Milwaukee and Appleton.

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Corevac, LLC

Coring Services

Rotary coring neatly and accurately cuts through all types of paved surfaces and facilitates utility access. It is a key cost-saving process that allows crews to cost-effectively perform repair or maintenance work on underground pipe or other buried plant from the road surface without the more costly, disruptive and inherently more dangerous excavation methods. The coring unit is physically less demanding than other methods and eliminates the need for jack-hammers, hand-digging and backhoes.

It also has direct application to other utility service and trenchless operations including: test holes, service drops and shallow splice pits for the telecommunications and cable industry, daylighting and test holes and bore-gel/frac-out holes for directional drilling and inspection holes for pipeline integrity and Subsurface Utility Engineering.

One-stop, same-day coring and pavement reinstatement means improved logistics for both the utility and its contractors with simplified crew scheduling, no temporary patching or repaving and no repeat site visits.

The rotary coring and reinstatement process dramatically reduces hard surface restoration budgets, saving money over traditional pavement cut and repair methods. Because it is a faster, less intrusive process, it results in fewer complaints from municipalities about unsightly road cuts, sunken patches or weakened or failed roads.

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